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                  Productions shot at Culver Studios

                  Feature Film (40)
                  Alice in Wonderland2010Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Alice in Wonderland
                  State of Play2009Kevin MacdonaldIMDB Database page about State of Play
                  Beowulf2007Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Beowulf
                  Rush Hour 32007Brett RatnerIMDB Database page about Rush Hour 3
                  For Your Consideration2006Christopher GuestIMDB Database page about For Your Consideration
                  When A Stranger Calls2006Simon WestIMDB Database page about When A Stranger Calls
                  Bewitched2005Nora EphronIMDB Database page about Bewitched
                  Cheaper by the Dozen2003Shawn LevyIMDB Database page about Cheaper by the Dozen
                  Gigli2003Martin BrestIMDB Database page about Gigli
                  Matchstick Men2003Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Matchstick Men
                  Galaxy Quest1999Dean ParisotIMDB Database page about Galaxy Quest
                  Stuart Little1999Rob MinkoffIMDB Database page about Stuart Little
                  Armageddon1998Michael BayIMDB Database page about Armageddon
                  City of Angels1998Brad SilberlingIMDB Database page about City of Angels
                  The American President1995Rob ReinerIMDB Database page about The American President
                  A Few Good Men1992Rob ReinerIMDB Database page about A Few Good Men
                  Bugsy1991Barry LevinsonIMDB Database page about Bugsy
                  City Slickers1991Ron UnderwoodIMDB Database page about City Slickers
                  BeetleJuice1988Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about BeetleJuice
                  Moonwalker1988Jerry Kramer, Jim Blashfield, Colin Chilvers IMDB Database page about Moonwalker
                  The movie begins with a history of Michael's work so far, followed by a chase sequence around a fictional movie studio. Although it is believed to have been shot at Culver Studios, it features a Universal Studios Hollywood tram.
                  Fright Night1985Tom HollandIMDB Database page about Fright Night
                  All of Me1984Carl ReinerIMDB Database page about All of Me
                  The Man With Two Brains1983Carl ReinerIMDB Database page about The Man With Two Brains
                  E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial1982Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
                  Production began in September 1981, under the code name of A Boy's Life. Interiors of Elliots home were shot at Culver Studios (known at the time as Laird International Studios) over 42 days.
                  Raging Bull1980Martin ScorseseIMDB Database page about Raging Bull
                  Carrie1976Brian De PalmaIMDB Database page about Carrie
                  Principal photography and filming began on May 17, 1976 and ended in July, with a 50-day shooting schedule.
                  Sleeper1973Woody AllenIMDB Database page about Sleeper
                  The Greatest Story Ever Told1965George StevensIMDB Database page about The Greatest Story Ever Told
                  Around the World in Eighty Days1956Michael AndersonIMDB Database page about Around the World in Eighty Days
                  Carmen Jones1954Otto PremingerIMDB Database page about Carmen Jones
                  It's A Wonderful Life1946Frank CapraIMDB Database page about It
                  Since You Went Away1944John CromwellIMDB Database page about Since You Went Away
                  Rebecca1940Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about Rebecca
                  Gone with the Wind1939Victor FlemingIMDB Database page about Gone with the Wind
                  Stages 11 and 12 used for interiors. All the exteriors of Tara, Twelve Oaks and the city of Atlanta were created on the studio's 28-acre backlot (known as the back 40).
                  Made For Each Other1939John CromwellIMDB Database page about Made For Each Other
                  A Star Is Born1937William A. Wellman IMDB Database page about A Star Is Born
                  King Kong1933Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. SchoedsackIMDB Database page about King Kong
                  The native village, Great Wall set and jungle sets were built on the backlot at Culver Studios, while the aboard ship scenes, interiors, miniature & stop-motion photography and special effects footage was shot on soundstages at Culver.
                  All Quiet on the Western Front1930Lewis MilestoneIMDB Database page about All Quiet on the Western Front
                  The King of Kings1927Cecil B. DeMilleIMDB Database page about The King of Kings
                  Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ1925Fred NibloIMDB Database page about Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
                  Studio base and chariot race

                  TV Series (12)
                  Cougar Town2009 - Kevin Biegel, Bill LawrenceIMDB Database page about Cougar Town
                  Knight Rider2008VariousIMDB Database page about Knight Rider
                  Arrested Development2003-2006VariousIMDB Database page about Arrested Development
                  Scrubs2001 - 2010VariousIMDB Database page about Scrubs
                  Prior to Season 9, the show was filmed 'on location' at the former North Hollywood Medical Center. However, due to the need for new sets for Winston University, the whole production moved to Culver Studios, where the historic studio buildings doubled as the University exteriors.
                  That Girl1966-1971Sam Denoff, Bill PerskyIMDB Database page about That Girl
                  Star Trek1966 - 1969VariousIMDB Database page about Star Trek
                  The two pilot episodes of Star Trek [The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before] were shot at Desliu Studios (now known as Culver Studios)
                  Batman1966Bob KaneIMDB Database page about Batman
                  The majority of the interiors (e.g. The Batcave, Wayne Manor interior and Commissioner Gordons office) were on Stages 15 and 16 at Culver Studios. The exteriors were shot at various backlots including 40 Acres (Culver), Fox Hills and Warner Brothers (Burbank).
                  The Lucy Show1962-1968IMDB Database page about The Lucy Show
                  My Three Sons1960-1972IMDB Database page about My Three Sons
                  Backlot and stages
                  Lassie1954-1974VariousIMDB Database page about Lassie
                  The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet1952-1966VariousIMDB Database page about The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
                  Adventures of Superman1952-1958[writers] Roy Chanslor, Jay Morton IMDB Database page about Adventures of Superman

                  Music Video (1)
                  Smooth Criminal1988Colin ChilversIMDB Database page about Smooth Criminal
                  Dance rehearsals took place at Culver Studios. It is not confirmed whether the club interiors were filmed here, but it seems likely.

                  Animated Feature (1)
                  Monster House2006Gil KenanIMDB Database page about Monster House
                  Soundstages used for motion capture work

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