North Shore Studios

                  This world-famous studio complex is located in North Vancouver and features 8 sound stages totalling over 100,000 sq.ft.

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                  From Architectural Associates website:
                  A motion picture and television production studio containing seven sound stages, a scene mill, two three-story office buildings, 100,000 sf of two story wrap-around production offices with ‘shooting fronts’, a production services building and a vendor building all located on fourteen acres within a walled campus. The sound stages are 14,500 sf tilt-up concrete structures with 128′ clear span and 30′ clear height. This entire project was designed and coordinated by Architectural Associates using twenty-nine consulting firms in the United States and Canada.

                  A Canadian architects firm was employed to produce the working drawings to ensure compliance with North Vancouver building codes.
                  The Canadian construction firm Dominion was hired for the actual construction, with a build period of 13 months.

                  ’21 Jump Street’, ‘Wiseguy’ and ‘Stingray’ were filming on site four months before the construction work was completed. The end of the construction period was marked by three official grand opening parties in September 1989.


                  Ground-breaking took place.

                  June 1989
                  Production on the site began with ’21 Jump Street’, ‘Wiseguy’ and ‘Stingray’, four months before the construction work was completed.

                  September 1989
                  The facility opened officially, with three grand opening parties.

                  The total square footage was 225,000 sq.ft.

                  Originally built by author and producer Stephen J. Cannell for his TV series 21 Jump Street (1987-1991), North Shore Studios was majority owned by Cannell Films of Canada, Ltd, with a minority partner being a company owned by Paul Bronfman. Cannell Films of Canada, Ltd, (a Canadian company) was a wholly owned subsidiary of US based Stephen J. Cannell Productions.

                  After being bought by Lionsgate it changed name to Lionsgate Studios.

                  The whole complex was sold to Bosa Development Corp and is now called North Shore Studios again.

                  Thanks to Stephen Brain for additional information

                  Productions shot at North Shore Studios

                  Feature Film (21)

                  Final Destination 32006James WongIMDB Database page about Final Destination 3
                  Man About Town2006Mike BinderIMDB Database page about Man About Town
                  RV: Runaway Vacation2006Barry SonnenfeldIMDB Database page about RV: Runaway Vacation
                  Scary Movie 42006David ZuckerIMDB Database page about Scary Movie 4
                  She's The Man2006Andy FickmanIMDB Database page about She
                  Elektra2005Rob BowmanIMDB Database page about Elektra
                  The Fog2005Rupert WainwrightIMDB Database page about The Fog
                  Catwoman2004PitofIMDB Database page about Catwoman
                  Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed2004Raja GosnellIMDB Database page about Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
                  A Guy Thing2003Chris KochIMDB Database page about A Guy Thing
                  Agent Cody Banks2003Harald ZwartIMDB Database page about Agent Cody Banks
                  Lizzie McGuire Movie, The2003Jim FallIMDB Database page about Lizzie McGuire Movie, The
                  Scary Movie 32003David ZuckerIMDB Database page about Scary Movie 3
                  Willard2003Glen MorganIMDB Database page about Willard
                  Along Came A Spider2001Lee TamahoriIMDB Database page about Along Came A Spider
                  Josie and the Pussycats2001Harry Elfont, Deborah KaplanIMDB Database page about Josie and the Pussycats
                  Final Destination2000James WongIMDB Database page about Final Destination
                  Reindeer Games2000John FrankenheimerIMDB Database page about Reindeer Games
                  The 6th Day2000Roger SpottiswoodeIMDB Database page about The 6th Day
                  Alive1993Frank MarshallIMDB Database page about Alive
                  One of the first features to film at the studio.
                  Jennifer Eight (Jennifer 8)1992Bruce RobinsonIMDB Database page about Jennifer Eight (Jennifer 8)

                  TV Series (4)

                  Psych2006 - Steve FranksIMDB Database page about Psych
                  The 44002004 -2007René Echevarria, Scott PetersIMDB Database page about The 4400
                  Dark Angel2000 - 2002James Cameron, Charles H. EgleeIMDB Database page about Dark Angel
                  The X-Files1993 - 2002Chris CarterIMDB Database page about The X-Files
                  Based in Canada from seasons 1 - 5. Filmed on Stage 2 at North Shore Studios.

                  TV Movie (1)

                  Muppets: Wizard of Oz2005Kirk R. ThatcherIMDB Database page about Muppets: Wizard of Oz