Twister… Ride It Out!

                  Dates: 1998 – November 1st 2015

                  Opened in 1998 replacing the live action Ghostbusters Spooktacular show which closed in 1996.
                  Twister… Ride It Out closed to make way for Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

                  This live special effects demonstration conjures up an F5 tornado in front of your eyes complete with flying livestock.

                  After watching some preshow video footage of real twisters (with fun facts like ‘The twister that landed Dorothy’s house in Oz was actually a nylon sock being blown by a fan’) we enter Soundstage 50 (Prop Storage).

                  The first stage introduces us to Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt; the stars of the 1996 Twister movie.

                  The second room is a spooky collection of wrecked furniture and walls preparing us for what’s to come.

                  The final room is a full-scale recreation of a twister, right before our eyes!

                  The Today Show, 1998




                  There’s a specific patent to cover this attraction which can be viewed at Google Patents.